Episode 48

Published on:

11th Jul 2018

Ep. 48 - How to Start Your Entrepreneurial Career in High School, Become an Influencer, & Build a Following - with Buster Scher

Buster Scher is the Founder of HoopsNation, a massive influencer with a combined network of 1.2 million followers, and a 17-year-old senior in high school. He’s done an insane amount of work in just a few short years, from interning for Gary V to hosting a weekly basketball show, and it’s such a cool story that I can’t wait to share with all of you.


We talk about how HoopsNation first garnered a following through viral videos on Facebook, why they had to transition to other social media platforms (like Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat) to keep growing their following, and how you can start building your own following or side hustle.



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