Episode 42

Published on:

9th May 2018

Ep. 42 - Inside Twitter: Interview with CEO/Founder Jack Dorsey & CMO/Head Of People Leslie Berland

Today I have an incredible, double stuffed episode for you: The first half is a conversation with Jack Dorsey, CEO & Founder of Twitter, and the second half features Leslie Berland, CMO & Head of People at Twitter.


Jack shares the story behind starting Twitter, how he’s helping people make the sale with Square, his thoughts on entrepreneurship as a whole, what he’s learned from failure, and his advice for getting starting as a young, aspiring entrepreneur.


Leslie discusses her career journey, leaving your comfort zone, growth mindset VS fixed mindset, who you surround yourself with, work-life balance, positioning Twitter in the social media landscape, movements starting on Twitter, and her single biggest piece of advice for aspiring marketers.



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