Episode 35

Published on:

14th Feb 2018

Ep. 35 - Writing for VaynerMedia & Launching Life of Thought - with Colin Campbell

Colin Campbell is Gary Vaynerchuk's personal writer; he produces an article in collaboration with Gary five days a week and runs Gary’s Monday newsletter. Together, Colin and Gary have grown their page from #10 to #1 on Medium, garnering over 70 million views on that page in just three months.


Beyond his work at VaynerMedia, Colin also started Life of Thought, a publication celebrating knowledge by discussing the importance of philosophy, education, and ideas.


I know a lot of young entrepreneurs, myself included, follow Gary V closely – this conversation offers some incredible insight into how Colin started working at VaynerMedia, what it’s like to work with Gary, and what the experience has taught him about being a better entrepreneur.




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