Published on:

21st Jun 2017

Ep. 14 - Joe Polish

Joe Polish is the creator of the Genius Network interview series, the co-host of the 10x Talk and the I Love Marketing podcasts, and the founder of Piranha Marketing.


Topics Covered:

  • How any young entrepreneur can develop themselves and grow a successful business
  • The Jet Ski Millionaire: The story of how one conversation transformed Joe's life
  • How Joe went from dead broke carpet cleaner to running the highest level marketing group in the world
  • Why time and effort aren't enough when it comes to making money
  • The myth of finding your passion and what to do instead while you're young
  • A 7 letter word that will increase your revenue and make you more successful: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ !
  • 3 keys to selling and persuading (PLUS: One of the most overlooked marketing methods that works like gangbusters)
  • If you’re a young person and you want to build a world class network, do this ONE THING...
  • E.L.F. Marketing: How to position and package yourself using automated, robotic marketing methods and sell at higher prices
  • How Joe met, connected with and became friends with billionaire Sir Richard Branson
  • The truth about addiction most people never talk about
  • Joe shares the name of a book every young person should read to become more successful
  • The most effective way to educate yourself and learn faster
  • What to do if you're young, don't have money and you want to connect with world class experts
  • How marketing can make more attractive, more influential and a better person
  • Joe reveals his best piece of advice for young entrepreneurs
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